Easyhits4u BOT, Baymack BOT,Websyndic Bot Now Closed...

I'm very sorry to inform you that because of some malicious registration and disturbance of some people, all bots are closed, and all free users stop using it.

Use bot

1. you must register bot account,then login bot.

2.you setup your bot username and bot pass and save it.

3.click surf button,open the site,manual logging in site, the tool can automatically surf.

Not to use, you can install QQ, using remote desktop or use TeamViewer or anydesk, I help you to solve it, as long as less than 5 minutes.

Download here:

Easyhits4u Bot 2018

Baymack Bot 2018

Websyndic Bot2018

RAR Password:http://www.ensurf.org

How to start...


Old version run video here


Free version does not provide technical support. Please refer to video learning to use it.

If you want to contact me, please donate, My PayPal email: ensurf@hotmail.com

The amount of donations is self determined, thanks for support.


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QQ Group: 81126164

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All Version Download here: